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Take My Hand

Heavy Trash

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My body is cold but your heart got me under control
Man, don't you want somebody
I miss someone baby let it go
I been up down fed up around oh in my heart
But all I see I get pushed away
Baby you're so sweet and just my style
I wanna be right by your side
Woah, I have some doubts baby you have some too
But tell me can your heart stand it
I wanna see you once again up around that little bend
Coz that's the way that I feel
Baby you gonna try
Baby get a hold of me now
C'mon take my hand

Yes when I got your letter I sat down and cried
Oh I want you each and everyday
I'm still in chains shadow, shadow on my mind
People tell me I'm crazy
But I will see your sweet smiling face one more time
Yes I see you once again up around that little bend
Find you then hold your hand
Don't you gonna try
Get along baby
C'mon take my hand
C'mon baby, c'mon child
Baby taking my hand

Composição de Jon Spencer/Matt Verta-Ray
Colaboración y revision:
  • Fabio Lins
  • Augusto Lima

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