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Way Out

Heavy Trash

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

I'm on a way out
I'm on the move now
I've got to pack it away
Your human game
Your human soul
God quest is easy
Angels are warm
This place is cold nothing the world could want
It gets elastic when your man begins to bend

Got to invade
I'm gonna slip out
I've got to penetrate
Can you imagine
You're up and low now
No mother comfort uncle shoulder
Says it's strained
Ir gets elastic when your mind begins to stretch

Wrap your arm around that baby

I had no roots here
No roots to haunt me
Your pain is cold, baby
God quest is easier
Slip through the airlock
Go on and get freight fumes
Fill me with your void, asphyxiate me

Dig them, dig them
Dig them colors yeah

Come on way out
I'm gonna move now
Got to get away
Those of you who know a lot
Do you rise or low
A million light years
Reduced to film glow
Reduce the space fear
I want the best
It gets elastic when your mind begins to slip

Come on honey join me on this crazy trip
Come on my baby cause we're about to bend
Come on to me honey let's get ready
Ready for the end

Composição de Matt Verta-Ray
Colaboración y revision:
  • Fabio Lins

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