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My Sentimental Friend

Herman's Hermits

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: F
Intro: C  Cmaj7  C7  Cmaj7  F  G

Verso 1:
C      G         Bb            F
On the floor the people dance around
C      Am      Bb
Moving close together
    F                      C
But there all alone in the corner
            F                    G
There's the girl I once knew who broke me in two

             C             Cmaj7  C7          Cmaj7
So won't you please play a song a sentimental song
       Dm          F           G
For my sentimental friend over there
           Bb       Gm           Bb              Gm
We've been so long apart make it go right to the heart
      Dm          G           C
Of my sentimental friend over there.
          C            Cmaj7        C7           Cmaj7
Bring the tears to her eyes help to make her realize
    F                              Ab
The love we had was just beyond compare
C                        G
And if the time is right maybe I'll hold her tight
   F                       C  G
My sentimental friend over there

Verso 2:
C   G        Bb              F
I recall the way she used to feel
C       Am      Bb
When we heard a sad song
    F                              C
The teardrops would fall and she'd hold me
    F                    G
And tell me she'd be for ever with me.
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Otros videos de esta canción
Composición de Geoff Stephens / John Carter
Colaboración y revisión:
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