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Koa Tree

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: F
(intro) F 

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Plant me a Koa Tree, don't you cry for me

Bb                                         F
You touched all the people with your music, ahhhh
Bb                      F
Makes it so much noise, ooohhh
Bb                                  F  Am   Dm
You brought the people of Hawai'i, to--ge--ther
Bb                       C7      F
With your magical Hawaiian voice

Bb                           F
Thought your no longer here, ahhhh
Bb                        F
You left behind a legacy, ooohhh
Bb            F    Am    Dm
We all know a-bout your dream
Bb              C7   F
So plant a Koa Tree

Bb                           F
The branches that stand out, ahhh
Bb                      F
Touch each Hawaiian, ooohhh
Bb                              F  Am  Dm
And as the roots grow deeper in-to the ground
Bb                C7  F
They hold up everyone


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(refrão 2x)
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Otros videos de esta canción
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