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Our Towm

James Taylor

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
Intro: D  D4  D  D5(9)  A4/D

D        A                 D
Long ago,  but not so very long ago
G             A              D
The world was different, oh, yes, it was
D                        A                Bm
You settled down and you built a town and made it there
                      A         G    A
And you watched it grow, it was your town

( G  A )
D                A
Time goes by and time brings changes
You've changed too
G                  A
Nothing comes that you can't handle
So on you go
D                A
You never see it coming
         Bm          D7      G
When the world caves in on you
G             A G                  A
On your town,     nothing you can do


D                 G                 D
Main Street isn't Main Street anymore
D                     G                A
Lights don't shine as brightly as they shone before
Bm              D7                     G       Gm
Tell the truth, lights don't shine at all
G              A
In our town

( D  A )

D                     A                      D
The sun comes up each morning just like it's always done
G             A                  D
Get up, go to work and start the day
 D              A
You open up for business
Bm           D7      G
That's never gonna come
         G         Bm      G           A
As the world rolls by a million miles away


D                  G              D
Main Street isn't Main Street anymore
D               G                  A
No one seems to needs us like they did before
Bm           D7                    G        Gm
It's hard to find a reason left to stay
          G    A
But it's our town
  G        A
Love it anyway
 G   Bm   A
Come what may
 A7       D
It's our town
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Otros videos de esta canción
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