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Cash On The Barrelhead

Joe Nichols

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
Got in a little trouble down at the county seat 
                                    A7                 D 
Lord they put me in the jailhouse for loafin' on the street 
D                            G                   D 
When the judge heard the verdict, I was a guilty man 
               A7                      D 
He said, 45 dollars, or 30 days in the can 
           G                       D 
That'll be cash on the barrelhead, son 
                   A7                   D    
You can make your choice, you're twenty-one 
          G                D 
No money down, no credit plan 
              A7                D 
No time to chase you, i'm a busy man 
Found a telephone number, on a laundry slip 
ANd a good hearted jailer, with a six gun hip 
He let me call long distance, she said, number, please 
No sooner than I told her, she shouted out at me 
That'll be cash on the barrelhead, son 
Not part, not half, but the entire sum 
No money down, no credit plan 
Cause the littel bird tells me you're a travinlin' man 
THirty days in the jailhouse, four days on the road 
i was feelin' mighty hungry, my feet a heavy load 
Saw a greyhound commin' stuck out my thumb 
Before i got to my seat, the driver caught my arm 
Said, that'll be cash on the barrelhead, sun 
This grey dog, gets paid to run 
When the engine starts, and the wheels don't roll 
Give me cash on the barrelhead, i'll take you down the road
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Otros videos de esta canción
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