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You Mama, You


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: G
You Mama, You

When I was young and pushed around
And beaten up and beaten down
G                           D
Who'd I run to mama tell me who
And as I grew to be a man
And all the world held such élan
G                                  D
I did what I thought I just had to do

C                           G
It was you mama you, it was you all along
It was you I ran away from I was wrong
And if I could I'd change my life
I swear to God I'd cut it out with a knife
           G              D               G
And with a glue stick I'd reapply it in a song

Continue the same chunking pattern
And laid back Kerouac never had no heart attack
Drinking and thinking about the place he ran back to
The moloch is an old man the moloch is a love-lack
Bending for a quick snack remembering his friend Jack
Mama sometimes and I remember you

F   C     G
Man loves woman
F      C     G
Mother loves child
F           C            G
Sometimes I call my lady mama
   F             C          G                
So I can feel at home for a while
   F             C          G
So I can feel at home for a while

Looking around at all the Mellencamp towns
The excuses and the nooses where the coffee grounds
I found places and traces of a storybook world
And I went out there for a ride
On the misty coast but the holy host
is under the Mickey D's American flag and it's unfurled

Man loves woman sometimes
Mother loves child
Sometimes I call my lady mama
So I can feel at home for awhile
So I can feel at home for awhile
Compositor Jude
Colaboración y revision:
  • alessandro bosco
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