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Christmas Love

Justin Bieber

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: Bb
Intro: Bb  Dm  Ebm  Cm  Eb  Ebm

Bb                Dm
Baby I will not pow
              C#m Cm
Baby I will not cry
                 Eb           Eb7M    Bb
Cause I got your love this christmas time
When the snow's on the ground
                    C#m Cm
And it's freezing outside
             Eb            Eb7M
I got your love this christmas time

   Gm          Bb
On every list I've ever sent
You're the gift I'd love the best
   Gm                  Bb
So deck the halls and all the rest
Warm me up
With your christmas love

Bb                 Dm
Hey angel in the snow
                    C#m Cm
I'm under the mistletoe

You are the one
          Eb       Ebm        Bb
You're my very own christmas love
Tell santa i'm cool this year
                             c#m Cm
My present is standing right here
                       Eb       Ebm         Bb
Thank god above for my very own christmas love, yeah

Bb                Dm                       C#m Cm
Like a beautiful tree, you can light up the room
            Eb        Ebm      Bb
Your kinda star can't be removed
                 Dm                       C#m Cm
Like a beautiful carol, I get lost in your song
           Eb      Ebm
And I will forever sing along

F                              Gm
All the love that's around the world
I can sing you merry merry christmas,
merry merry christmas

F                   Gm
Every boy and every girl
     C                     Eb
Stay close to the ones you love
And thank god above

          Dm                   C#m Cm
That you got someone this year
                              Eb    Ebm
that can feel your heart with cheer yeah

( Bb  Dm  Ebm  Cm  Eb  Ebm )
Composição de Adam Messinger / Justin Bieber / Nasri Atweh
Colaboración y revision:
  • wederson menezes
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