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Rich Girl

Justin Bieber

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: C (con acordes en la forma de D) Afinación: D G C F A D
Introp: Bm A
Soulja Boy Tell Em (I Got you)
G                   Bm A
Yeaaah, Justin Bieber (Thats me)
G                G
Shes a rich girl, shes a rich girl


She's a rich girl
Buying all the clothes
D                 G
Wishes for some -- You already know
Shes a rich girl
Yeah, she's got cash
D               G
Pocket so thick She dont even have to ask
Bm              A
Shes a rich girl, Rich girl
D               G
Shes a rich girl, Rich girl
Bm    A      D      G
Aye oh Aye oh Aye oh

Verso 1:
When I met you girl
I tried to pay for dinner
Pulled out your card
I thought I had a winner
She said, Boy I got it
Then I said no
D                G
But I like a girl who's in control

She's my rich girl
Rich girl

Verso 2:
Bm                   A
She rides a barbie phantom
D                      G
She lives in a barbie mansion
She's a rich girl
She got a lot of money
She credit card shawty
She credit card shopping
     Bm                   A
Look good when she shoppin
             D             G
Man she look good when she talking and she walkin
She walk like a model
She shop like a balla
               D        G
She shop like a NFL, NBA, high school scollar


Verso 3:
Her 21st birthday she got a louis bag mercedes
Drive five
Oh my God
Baby, I think I love you
Girl, I know you rich
And you know I rich
Together we build things
Until your brother is empty
You can get it cuz I got plenty
Everyday, all night
You and me
And we ballin' yeah


Verso 4:
Can't make you my queen
When I first met her
She didn't even have anything
She had more money than me
She wasn't a rich girl
She grew up in a messed up world
And when I met her
She didn't think less of me
She get the bigger picture
She know we both --
We can't take it with us
We belong together
Yeah she's so special
Shes my rich girl
But if she was broke
I would still..
And my net froze

She told me that she cold
We are a tornado so we spin across the globe
I make money every day
& everybody surely knows
Im a rich boy
A young pretty guy
Shes pretty fly
Shes pretty high
We're high together
Make change whether
Hopes and I love her

Soulja Boy I tell him
Aye yo aye yo aye yo
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  • Seth Cohen
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