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Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
C                 E7
Outside my window
       G7                      F#°
The world moves on without us
While my heart is standing still

C            E7
If we are over
         G7                         F#°
Then why do memories still
Play like a silent film?

           Fm                     C
You're still the one that moves me
        Am                       E
And makes my fingers play
       C#m                   F#
That fills my heart to say the words
Fm                     G
That I did yesterday
        Fm        G
I still feel that way
Fm                 G
No, nothing's changed
And I wish you felt the same way

C                   E7
Don't say it's too late
     G7                       F#°
Or that my dream is crazy
'Cause inside I still believe
That you're still the one for me
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    Composição: Franz Liszt Colaboración y revision:
    • Mauricio Domenico

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