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If I Could Hold On To Love

Kenny Rogers

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: F
(intro) D  G

D         D7M       D6                   Am7                             D7
Just once in my life ...  if I could find someone, if once,
G7M                       Em7                A4/7       A7           C7
The feeling was right ...  I'd never let her go ...
F7M                                            F7
I'd always be there ...  if I could have my chance to be,
Bb7M    Gm7               C7           C4/7   C7
The only one ...  it just isn't fair ...

F                           Bb             C7               F
If I could hold on to love ...  I'd never let it go,
Bb                           Am          Gm         C4/7    C7
I'd keep it   right next to   my heart ...
F                              Bb               C7                  F
If I could hold her tonight ...  she'd never leave my side,
    Bb              Bbm               D            G
If I could only hold on  ...  to love ...

D         D7M       D6                   Am7                             D7
I'm searching my dreams ...   I'm trying to recognize that face,
G7M                       Em7                A4/7                  C7
Oh ...   Who can it be ...   she's calling out to me ...
F7M                                            F7
And now  I'm  running to her ...    but everytime   I get this close,
Bb7M    Gm7         C7        C4/7    C7
She vanishes ...   into the night ...


Bb                Bbm                    Ab                          Fm                     F#
Is it ever come    I came to pass ...     that I find a love that lasts,
Bbm                     Gm             C4/7    C7
Or is that    too much to ask ?
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Acordes para:
    Composição: Randy Goodrum / Steve Lukather Colaboración y revision:
    • Carlos Perin

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