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Something's Burning

Kenny Rogers

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: A
A          Asus4          A        Asus4  
You lie in gentle sleep beside me 
A           Asus4             A         Asus4 
I hear your warm and rhythmic breathing 
A           Asus4            A        Asus4 
I take your hand and hold it tightly 
A                   Asus4                 A         Asus4 
Listen, can you not hear our young hearts beating 
F                         A 
I kiss the slip from your eyes 
F                              C 
Your smile is sweeter than the morning 
              E     A 
And I hear it call 
A               E    A 
Can you feel it baby 
A                E 
Can you feel it, here it comes 
E       E7 
Feel it (fire) 
E       E7 
Feel It 
E    E7 
E    E7 

A                   G D A 
Something's burning 
A                   G D A 
Something's burning 
A                   G D A 
Something's burning 
A                A    Asus4 
And I think it's love
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    Composição: Mac Davis

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