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Find Your Salvation

King Of Bones

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I can feel you even far away
Everything remains the same
If you ask me for another way
I will show you it someday
Contorted shadows on the wall
Just close your eyes to carry on
keep your hope alive today
Find your salvation
Flying on those dreams of lies
You can’t believe
Find your salvation
Deep within the hope still lives
In the shadows of your pain
If the end is closer
Clear your mind of love and hate
On the road to nowhere
You will walk alone away from pain
All your sins will appear on judgment day
(they will appear to all)
I know your fear is alive again
(Your fear is alive)
In the darkness of dreaming
have you found your way?
Can you feel your fear no more
In the darkness your seeing
it’s the end of days
killing fear, screaming echoes
through my soul

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  • Guilherme Lessa

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