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We Are The Law

King Of Bones

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In your dirty soul
Lives crimes and lies
Always take control
Go satisfy your pride
Through the dust and bones
The meek will creep the streets
You’ll give your blood for gold
You’ll live in misery
Turn of the tides
we’re going to hit the streets
You will hear our howling voices
crying for liberty
We are the law
A new tomorrow will dawn on us
We make the law
We will survive on this cruel Earth
We are the law, It’s now or never,
not like before
We make the law
We won’t be silent before you no more
Judas… is your real name
Messiah, is what you want, and they believe
don’t close your eyes, as you fall into fire
I’ll make you pay for more than seven sins
We make the rules and we play the game
Its live or die, I’m on my way

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Otros videos de esta canción
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  • Guilherme Lessa
  • Wi Lian

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