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Check Me Out (feat. Killa Kyleon)

Kirko Bangz

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I should have get where you see us, nigga
But I'd rather come to come check me out
I do this shit for Lil' Randy, and Lil' Munch, Trun
And Jay Devion
My dun is clear, they avion
Nigga, I was born back in 89'
I'm eatin' beast, like I'm April 4
Give us fuckin' 1981
I fuck with Trae like the Jaeton
Fuck with Stuntin' Band and Big Jason

Shout out Rick the Ruler, I'm the biggest bombin'
That Texas college to the state of none
New York girl so crazy fuckin'
In the Timbarlands to make her say summ'
Man, I love a bitch that wear special shit
Her favorite words is 'I don't pay for'
Got plenty heart, you can take from me
Got plenty hoes that can wait for me
I'm the type of nigga slap a Gaycon

Make her girlfriend turn straight for me
These niggas out here got hate for me
Niggas out here tryna take from me
Saw a yung nigga start packin' shit
Like a free Asian with a tray comin'
These strippa hold until they play summ'
Can't see us, nigga, how we made summ'
I could swerve her, make her ass clap
Caught me Andre fuckin' base drummin'
Used to be on that, gotta make the shit
That's past tense like Trey Songs
I pull up in expensive shit, got an expensive bitch
And her face funny

I swear these niggas eva down with me
But call the [?] cause I'm killin' all these beefs
I ain't got no time to take my time
I run king
Turn nigga, check me out!
Twelve TT to get the yayo
Wife got me bonnered like OJ Mayo
Came out the room, been pressed since the day-o
Sippin' on lean, till I get T K.O.
Drinkin' on bleach, bitch I'm the future
Wear my center [?] weed, kamasutra

Side yo my body got me rockin' a medusa
Two red hoes suckin' on me like hookah
But it ain't miss like my nigga first kiss
Drank from my cup, I like it hold up thick
Yung and I get it, I ain't entertained since
I'm just a wide gig to keep it on this kick
White girl got me rich yeah like Miley and Madonna
Keep yourself hating lead singer of Nirvana
Ever need a touch, I be on it like Veronas

Everything I spit hot like it came from a sauna
Always speak the facts when I rap, nigga
I'm gettin' tired of you rap niggas
Trap nigga turn rap nigga
I did pretty good for a crack dealer
One hunit nigga, no 99
Hood rich nigga since 99'
Good with the sack like 99
Watch this photo watch so it's time to shine
Up me and lock niggas like layn down

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