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Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: F
                                       GUITAR TAB

Tabbed By Aaron Fornarino

As I said for the bass tab it was rather dissapointing not to find this song as
it is really easy to play. I have included the timing and the changing parts. I
figured that there is only one way to play this song and that is in Drop D it is
too fast for normal power chords and it's much easier to slide up and down the
neck. ENJOY! :)

Drop D Tuning : D A D G B E

Key : / = Slide Down
      \ = Slide Up
      * = Palm Mute (Apart From Different Noted Meanings)
     >< = Wah Pedal (Use Your Imagination With The FootWork!)
      ^ = harmonics

This first guitar riff doesn't start until (0:55 secs) into the song. Play this
very fast as it's difficult to tab all the palm muted notes I suggest playing
with the song to get the timing. Play both parts twice
i.e. -1--1:A--1--1:A-

-1- (0:55 secs)
D --7-7*-7*-7*-7*-7*-7*-7*-12--12-/-10-7*-7*-7*-7*-5--7--8-\-10----|
A --7----------------------12--12-/-10-------------5--7--8-\-10----|
D --7----------------------------------------------5--7--8-\-10----|
G -----------------------------------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------------|

-1:A- (0:59 secs)
D --7-7*-7*-7*-7*-7*-7*-7*-12--12-/-10-7*-7*-7*-7*-7*-7*-----------|
A --7----------------------12--12-/-10-----------------------------|
D --7--------------------------------------------------->7-7-7-77-7-7-7
Composición de En Esch / Günter Schulz / Raymond Watts / Sascha Konietzko
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