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I Don't Deserve You

Lloyd Banks

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[feat. Jeremih]

[Intro: Jeremih]
Ohhhh... yeeah!
Ohhhh... yeeah!
Ohhhh... yeeah!

[Chorus: Jeremih]
IIII think I love you!
But don't let me get in the waaay! (get in the waaay!)
Don't let me stop you!
Girl! - From doin' ya thaaang! (doin' ya thaaang!)
Cause I don't deserve you. - Nooo!
I don't wanna hurt you! (hurt you!)
Play with ya mind, have you runnin' in ciiircles!
Don't let me get in the waaay! (get in the way!)

[Lloyd Bank$ (Jeremih):]
It ain't even ya puss', I got ya mind!
It's usually a one way thing but baby girl got mine! (miine!)
Perfection is the formula, when me an her combine (combiine!)
Like candy to the corner; yeah, you finger licking fine. (lickin' fiine!)
An in due time (uh-huh!) I'm sure, I can please ya, squeeze ya, weak knee ya!
Need you, like you need me! - An' don't mislead ya! (yaaa!)
Loves free! - But treat it wrong an' pay the price get down
On one knee! - That bitch gon' leave with half ya life.
Man believe me! (believe me!) - I ain't gon' feed you bad advice
Look it's easy! (easy!) - So don't forget to strap up tight!
Right? (right, right!) - I'll be selfish if I keep ya so (soooo?)
I love u enough to let you go! (gooooo!)
Cause on the other hand I couldn't take it
If I - put all I got an' you an' someone got you naked!
You work hard for money, but it's harder when you make it.
The shit's coming fast, so here's ya heart, before I break it. - Yeah!


[Lloyd Bank$ (Jeremih):]
Ugh! - What type of nigga would I be to hold you up?
You need someone to hold you down to wreck, ya life's fucked up!
I gotta shake you out my system (uh-huh!) cause with the fuckin' an' kissin'
An' all ya emotions mixing puts me in a tough position!
Baby, what am I suppose to do? (baby, what am I suppose to doo?)
I can't controls my actions when I'm close to you! (I can't control my actions when I'm close to you,)
It's been way too long, girl we overdue! (it's been way too long, girl we overdue,)
I guess the cake ain't enough; U wanna eat it, 2! (I guess the cake ain't enough; you wanna eat it, too!)
See me an' you! (see me an' you) - Have a magnet inbetween - that keeps pullin' me closer (yeeeeah!)
I'm like an addict for ya scream! - You fully loaded toaster. (yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!)
Automatic with the beam! - The baddest on the Coast! (yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!)
I gotta have you like the green! - Yo' swagga more than most! (yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!)
I gotta sex drive, don't allow me to L.A.X.
Send me the next 5 - look how they crowd on my lap!
Booty, breast, thighs; keep ya boy relapsing back
An you deserve way more than that. - I'll just fall back!

Composição de E. Ortiz/J. Felton/K. Crowe
Colaboración y revision:
  • angellina

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