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TimeX (Interlude)

Luke James

Aún no tenemos el cifrado de esta canción.

She's got love in her eyes for you
Why you actin' so surprised
You know what you're doin', yeah
She's got a feelin' in fire
You gotta keep that alive, won't you
Might not get it all back more and more and more

You feel it risin' like a storm
The winds are roaring in
More and more and more
You feel it closer than before
Now there's no goin' back
Maybe I should open up and say it
I really love you

You know I [?] it and waited
And that's why I love you
Roses supposed to grow here
And the flowers bloom after the cold clears
Give a lil turn, your heart will then open
And when the flowers grow I will be yours then

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  • Lucas Furlaneto

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