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Not Today

Maren Ord

Aún no tenemos el cifrado de esta canción.

You've got this game
You think that I am playing

But I know your name
I don't think I'm staying

All the time
You somehow just get lucky
But I'm not playing today
No way

I said, oh no
I'm not giving in
I said, oh no
Won't make it under my skin
I said, oh no
You're not gonna win
No, not today
ay eee ay eee ay eee ay eee
ay eee ay eee ay eee ay ya
[end chorus]

Say my name
But it ain't gonna happen
You stay the same
I'm not gonna move
Oh no
I know exactly what you're thinking
But I don't care if you approve
No, oh

[chorus twice]

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  • Taciana Lima

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