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Absolutely Barking Stars

Maria McKee


Her apron strings are trailing out like sparks
Her comet tail is whipping slicing up the dark
I'm her twin I live in the other half
I'm tearing at the seam but it never comes apart
And we've a chain to keep alive and it's all this noise that makes us thrive
I've tried to trap her in my head but she knows where the light comes in
And those rays live to make her spin

And she's wound up shooting off burning out
Tearing up the midnight heart whoa whoa
Stayed alive stayed alive so far
It's alright
We know what we are
Absolutely barking stars

The bitch is quick I've tried to trip her up
She's full of tricks and blends so sticky in my blood
But she can fly and I can only run from everything and after her
I'm wired and tired and full of holes
And she plays Pandora with my soul
I'll never let her go...It's so quiet here without her
I don't wanna feel myself


We know what we are...

Composição de Maria McKee
Colaboración y revision:
  • Michelle Oliveira

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