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This Is The Year

Marit Bergman

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: C
Vers 1: 
        F             C            Bb            
It's so weird, I was just about to leave it here 
       Am               Gm            C 
To say OK, they finally got me, I give in 
      F               Bb           Dm 
Oh, I knew there must be something meant for me out there 
C             Dm             Bb 
I just didn't know where to begin 

Vers 2: 
    F                  C              Bb 
You smile and then you lead me to the dancefloor 
     Am                     Gm                C       
I can feel that something's starting, starting soon 
        F              Bb                  Dm 
Been so tired, haven't slept a night since 1994 
C              Dm             Bb 
Doesn't matter now we're on the move 

                 F                 Bb               C 
'cause this is the year, this is the year it all will happen 
             F                 Bb             C 
It's finally here, I have been waiting all my life 
               Dm                 Gm                Bb 
So put on your coat, it's time to go, it's time for take-off 
              Gm       Am    Bb         C 
I think I can say with out a doubt this year is mine 

F Bb C 
F Bb C 


Vers 3:  
     F            Am                  Bb   
We stumble in the stairs, we're in a hurry now 
   Am              Gm                 C 
No time to see the last song with the band 
            F             Bb 
'cause the fireworks have started 
and the snowflakes shape my name 
      C               Dm           Bb       
don't say a word now, baby take my hand 
Refräng: (samma ackord som förut) 
'Cause this is the year, this is the year it all will happen 
It's finally here, I have been waiting all my life 
There'll be no mistakes, there's just going to be one big departure 
This year I will do everything right, this year is ...... 

  Eb    Bb 
Dm        C       Bb       Dm 
Yeah, I'm leaving tonight 
Don't know how I know but I do know that 

            G                 C                D 
this is the year, this is the year it all will happen 
             G                      C                     D 
It's finally here, what I have been waiting for all of my life 
               Em                Am                    C       
There'll be no mistakes, no more delays, just one big departure 
        Am      Bm      C 
Oh baby I don't know how high 
                 Am        Bm     C 
I guess we'll be somewhere out of sight 
                 Am  Bm         C 
This year I will do everything right 
D             G 
This year is mine
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