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A Frame

Mike Graham

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: C
Well it?s a Friday night, there?s a show at the bar 
So we decided to jump in our cars 
    G                                C 
And go down and hear the funky Texas sound 
We?d been drinkin since a quarter to five  
And wasn?t none of us in condition to drive 
          G                                             G 
So it was rock-paper-scissors to see who?d get us cross town 
After bobbin and weavin through three miles of street  
We made it to the bar all in one piece  
And stumbled our way directly to the front of the line 
We listened to the show between beers and women 
My mouth got dry and my head started spinnin 
But by God, I was havin one helluva time 
And I guess you could say I was feelin no pain  
And the boys apparently was feelin the same 
           G                                              C 
Cause they jumped on the stage and yelled "Party at the A-Frame!" 

Refrão -------------
F     G                   C    
Thank God Larry Joe ain?t here 
          F                     G                     C  
To see us trashin the place and drinkin up all of his beer 
F                       G  
If he was here he might not have been amused 
   C            C/B         Am 
To hear all the four letter words bein used 
  F                  G                C 
Describin the things that he holds so dear 
F          G                   C 
Yeah thank God Larry Joe ain?t here
You see, Larry Joe he owns the place 
And I?d hate to see the look on his face  
If he found us havin a party for half the town 
We?ll have to stay up late or get up real early 
To pick up the beer cans and make sure he 
Don?t find them three drunk chicks passed out on the ground 
But now the truck lights are on, the music?s blarin 
The fire?s a blazin and we?re not carin? 
About nothin in this old world but just havin fun 
Somebody cranks "I Feel a Party Comin On" 
And I say "Zack, who wrote that song?" 
And some drunk cowpoke in the back yells Gary P. Nunn 
Somebody just fell down in the farm pond 
And Joe Bob heard somebody talkin bout his mom 
It was getting pretty clear, time for everybody to go 
Cause the sun?s comin up over the hill  
And it won?t be too long before we?ll 
See Larry Joe?s big white Dodge comin in from the show 
There he is in the mornin light  
Askin us what we did last night  
We just stammered and stuttered,"J-J-J-Just drank a couple of beers." 
We just sat around and told a few jokes  
Hey! We listed to Guy Clark on the radio 
Aww, Larry Joe, wish you?da been here 
Yeah thank God Larry Joe wasn?t here
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