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The Art Of Love

Neil Diamond

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: F
Intro: G F G C

C                                                              F G    F G
She said, It's time to teach you the art of love
C                                                                    F G
She said, we're gonna reach to the heart of love
F G                                 G       F                                     G                           C
a place you never knew, a place that lives somewhere inside of you.

F                                              Dm     C      Bb   C
I know I'm on a journey I won't forget 
F                                                        Dm  C  Bb   F         C
I know I had it in me to give and yet I never could before
Bb                   C                       F
I had to, if I wanted to be yours.

C                      F               Bb   F           Bb          F
You made me see I'd have to be a brand new man
Dm             Am      Bb           F           G         C
he lives in me, so here in me is where I began.

F                                                         Dm      C     Bb  C
You showed the kind of lesson I can't erase
F                                                               Dm       C
You showed a way to get from that lonely place
Bb                   F                   C
to where love comes alive
Bb                                  C                              F
and you'd be waiting there when I arrived.

C                            F
The truth was clear,
Bb     F                            Bb         F
love's not a place you go to find
Dm             Am
it lives in here
 Bb                    F              G              C
just leave it space, and give it time

F                                                           Dm     C      Bb C
I learned that I could stumble and maybe fall
F                                                     Dm  C
I learned in being humble I'd have it all
 Bb                 F                  C
a brand new way to live,
Bb                                    C                                          F
that love's not what you have but what you give
  Bb                               C                                  F
and the art of love is who you share it ... with.
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