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I am just about to forget you.
Once there was summer of color crimson lake.
All it took to confess was a word.
All it took to express was a kiss.

When love was young between us.
I wasn't too proud to wait for carrousels.
You whispered you would make me a day.
Like no day had been in my life.

You let me feel i was turned on.
You had me feel i was only one.
You made me feel i was loved by the whole world.

I never said that i was in love.
You never held me in your arms.
Never made love, we never dared to.

I am just about to forget you.
Once there was winter of color horizon blue.
All i knew, you were there beside me.
All i saw, our shadows on the path.

I love you so, still i know i do.
I trust you so, yet i know i do.
I want you so, true like ice, true like fire.

To keep my mind sharp and bright,
To keep my heart cold and tight,
To keep my love alone and free,
I shall leave.

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Otros videos de esta canción
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