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Komm Susser Todd

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: Bb
Intro: Bb F Gm F Eb Dm Cm F

  Bb      F                  Gm
I know, I know I've let you down
     F                Eb
I've been a fool to myself
I thought that I could
Cm              F
live for no one else
    Bb          F                Gm
But now through all the hurt & pain
     F                 Eb
It's time for me to respect
the ones you love
     Cm        F  Bb
mean more than anything

Bb        Bb/Ab          Gm
So with sadness in my heart
           Gb                   F
(I) feel the best thing I could do
is end it all
    Eb      Ab
and leave forever

Bb              Bb/Ab            Gm
what's done is done it feels so bad
               Gb           F
what once was happy now is sad
I'll never love again
my world is ending

  Bb        F                 Gm
I wish that I could turn back time
    F                    Eb
cos now the guilt is all mine
can't live without
    Cm                   F
the trust from those you love
  Bb      F                 Gm
I know we can't forget the past
    F                   Eb
you can't forget love & pride
  Dm                  Cm       F   Bb
because of that, it's killin' me inside

( Bb/F Bb Bb/C Bb/Ab Bb Bb/D Bb/Eb Bb/F )

   Fm Bb Cm    Ab Bb    Eb Bb/F
It all returns to nothing,   it all comes
Fm             Bb Cm
tumbling down, tumbling down,
    Ab Bb    Eb Bb/F
tumbling down
   Fm Bb Cm    Ab Bb    Eb Bb/F
It all returns to nothing,   I just keep
Fm               Bb Cm
letting me down, letting me down,
        Ab Bb    Eb Bb/F
letting me down

Cm                  B(#5)
In my heart of hearts
                  Bb            Am
I know that I can never love again
I've lost everything
everything that matters to me, matters
in this world
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Otros videos de esta canción
Composición de Shiro Sagisu
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Gabriel Paula
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