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Fallen Flower


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: Dm
Dm    X00231
Gm    XX0333 or XX5333
C     X32010
A     X02220
F     133211
Bbm   X(1)3321
Bb    XX3331

[Verse 1]
   Dm              Gm
My dear you stood tall
C                                A
Your skin so fair and you were innocent
  Dm                 Gm
You appeared to be strong
C                               A
Your beauty called to me from within
Dm               Gm
I hear your song and
 C                        F
Melodies are circling my mind
      Gm            Bbm
Who hears a fallen flower

[Verse 2]
   Dm               Gm
From a sleep I was torn
C                       A
Turned into an overnight widow
      Dm                 Gm
And the freeze took you home
C                          A
Left me alone and in my meadow
Dm                 Gm
The years I had grown and
C                          F
Put you under shadow in the night
    Gm               Bbm
Who hears a fallen flower
When it dies

Gm     C     F     Gm    Bbm

All of your dreams will pass
Only love can last
Bb                      Dm
Only good is able to remain
Gm               Dm      A
So sleep and be calm__________

[Verse 3]
  Dm             Gm
My dear you are home
C                            A
Where nobody can touch your halo
  Dm                    Gm
And I play your favorite song
C                             A
With hopes to feel you on my pillow
Dm               Gm
My tears are falling
 C                        F
Memories are circling my mind
  Gm                Bbm     Dm
My dear, my fallen flower
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