House Of Cards

Owen Temple

Chords: Principal (acoustic and electric guitars)
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tone: C
C             G              C 
We live in a house of cards so tall 
F                   G                          C 
It looks fine on the outside but it's bound to fall 
     F                G 
But the looking good is easy 
        C                   Am 
It's the feeling good that's hard 
      C            G             C 
And this house is just a house of cards 
C                                G             C 
We've been bluffing each other for almost seven years 
F                      G 
We both put on out best poker face 
But inside we're filled with tears 
F                  G          C                   Am 
I bet our love and lost in too many other secret games 
C                                  G         C 
Now the love is spent and just the marriage remains 
You wear a diamond but you've got a broken heart 
We look like the perfect paid but we're far apart 
It just a matter of time until the shiny surface fades 
And all that I've done wrong pays back in spades
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