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Walking down the streets
I see the envy
It seems that everyone is watching me
Conspiration, manipulation
Everybody wants to knock me down

The envy is poisoning your soul
You'll pay in life for your sins
Your mind is losing control
Wake up and face what is real

Kill all the pain
Don't be afraid, don't fall again
You fight the pain
Don't be afraid, don't fall again

Always looking for
Something to complain
I think they're watching all my life again
I can't really understand why
They are always trying to beat me down

Think about it, there is no reason
That's just bad feelings inside your head
Beat the madness, face the sadness
Fight these feelings that you keep inside

Do not stand still, make a revolution
You are always in your life's control
Don't be selfish, don't be hateful
Wash away the evil from your veins

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  • Antônio Durães

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