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Puppy Love

Paul Anka

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: G
Intro: G  F  G

                         Am    Am7 D7                          G    Em
And they called it puppy love,       oh I guess they'll never know,
                         Am    Am7  D7                   G   F  G
How a young heart really feels,       and why I love her so.
                         Am   Am7 D7                        G    Em
And they called it puppy love,      just because we're seventeen,
                       Am  Am7 D7                     G     F  G  G7
tell them all it isn't fair      to take away my only dream.

  C                 Cm                G                     G7
I cry each night my tears for you, my tears are all in vain.
    C                       Bm
Oh, I'll hope and I'll pray    that may be some day
A                                    D  D7
you'll be back in my arms once again.

                         Am     Am7 D7                  G     Em
Someone help me, help me please,      is the answer up above?
               Am        Am7 D7                    G    F   G
How can I ever tell them,      this is not a puppy love?
Composición de Nâdiya Zighem
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