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Standing By


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
    G      D    A
Ooooooooooooooooooh   (2x)

D    D9                 D
I    conted the stars tonight
D9                    G
Oh how they shine so bright
G                    Em               D
I gathered most so we are perfectly aligned
D9                    D
But we gazed from far away
D9                        G
And separately watched the day
G                          Em         D
Come rising before the horizon and our minds

           G      D                 G    D
But now I knooooooow, my heart's stroooooong
            G       D             A
Where you beloooooooong is by my side
            G      D                   G      D
So will you hooooooold? 'Cause time is coooooooold
            G       D               A
But in your sooooooooul, I'm standing by

G      D    A
Woowooooooah!   (2x)

D    D9                     D
I    have waited a thousand years
D9                     G
But now that tomorrow's here
I'll shout from the mountain's top
Em                 D
"Our hearts belong near"

D9                        D
And we've traveled land and sea
D9                     G
Our peak is the love we keep
G                            Em               D
But when we unite, This will all have been a dream

            G      D                    G       D
And now we knooooooow, our hearts are stroooooooong
           G      D             A
Where we belooooooong is side-by-side
             G      D               G       D
And so we'll hoooooooold each other cloooooooose
            G     D                 A
And in our sooooooouls we're standing by

G      D    A
Woowoooooooooah!         2X
    G     D            G      D            G      D        A
Woowooooooaoooh     Woowooooooaoooh     Woowooooooaoooh   Woah Woah  (2x)  (Toca igual ao refrão)

              G      D              G      D
And so we'll hooooooold each other clooooooose
                G     D             A
And the we'll knooooooow we're standing by
Composición de Avi Kaplan / Kevin Olusolla / Kirstie Maldonado / Mitch Grassi / Scott Hoying
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Vick Sall
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