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Peace of Mind

Peter Cetera

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Everytime I have it made
I let it rain on my parade
I need a star that doesn't fade
When I open my eyes

Everything is clear to see
You've given me a destiny
I know there's something left for me
And I found it this time

I don't want it all
I just want a little bit of
Peace of mind
And I'll never stop
'Til I get to it
Peace of mind

Being with a woman like you
Is all I ever wanted to do
Give me something I can hold on to
Then I'll have it all

Find a little place in the sun
Won't you tell me I'm the only one
Say you need me when the day it's done
Then I'll have enough
To get me through my life

(repeat chorus)

I never will regret it
'Cause I'm having the time of my life
I can fly on the wings of our love
Here in the night
It hurts if I let it
But it's something I'd rather forget
Now the past isn't holding me down
Oh, don't you know
I've learned to let it go

Composición de Bill LaBounty/Patrick Leonard/Peter Cetera
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Cammykaze

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