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All About Tonight

Pixie Lott

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: D
Intro: A  Bm  G  A  Bm  D  G  A  Bm  G  A  Bm  D

           A           Bm   G
I bought a new pair of shoes
        A       Bm        D     G
I got a new attitude when I walk
          A       Bm G
Cause I'm so over you
         G    A      D
And it's all about tonight
          A            Bm   G
I'm going out with the girls
Ready to show all
    Bm        D G
the boys what I got
            A         Bm  G
I'm letting go of the hurt
           G    A      D
Cause it's all about tonight

         A         Bm
Yeah the night is alive
You can feel the heartbeat
           A           Bm
Let's just go with the flow
           D       G
We've been working all week
  A              Bm
Tomorrow doesn't matter
When you're moving your feet
     G    A      D
It's all about tonight
         A           Bm
We'll be dancing and singing
And climbing up on the tables
         A            Bm
We'll be rocking this party
            D  G
So tell the DJ don't stop
         A             Bm
Grab someone if you're single
Grab someone if you're not
     G    A      D
It's all about tonight

            A           Bm G
And boy I'm not hanging on
cause I threw all
     Bm    D G
your drama a way
Had something good
         Bm  G
but it's gone
Yeah it's all
 A      D
about tonight
             A        Bm  G
They got the music so loud
So I won't I hear
    Bm       D   G
the phone if you call
          A       Bm G
And we're so over now
           G    A      D
cause it's all about tonight


  A       Bm      G
Tonight tonight tonight
  A       Bm      D    G
Tonight tonight tonight
  A       Bm      G
Tonight tonight tonight
  G       A       D
Tonight tonight tonight

Composición de Brian Kidd / Pixie Lott / Tebey Ottoh / Tommy Lee James
Colaboración y revisión:
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