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We’re all looking for the same thing
Maybe not in the same way
But we try and try, still hit impasses
Than just pass away

We’re all stumbling at our own pace
Pretending we’re not in the race
But you can't just walk away
Emboldend and saying no thanks

It’s so hard I know
To face the day
But where you gonna go
Guess if you knew you’d make your way
The thing about direction
It has so many tricks to play
Don’t try to win

Equivocal but you bloviate
Jesus Christ no one talks that way
You just wanna be felt, understood
Then say it in a simpler way

Tripping over your words again
It’s always the same
And you’re mad at the world again
Ignoring what you say
While you doubt
The about
Forgot to look the other way
The poor guy was just on his way home

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  • Pedro Kling

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