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Never had a direction
Anything to draw your attention away
Your mind's a prism reflecting something
So many decisions take leave of reason

Don't look now but you're breathing
Your will seems to be in remission
You seriously still fear the reaction
Do I need any more ammunition

You don't always have to rattle your saber
Nor always wait round for a saviour
Anything you can do to take the weight off
Lighten up the shade, illuminate us

You're a mole in the operation gonna freeze you off
You steal everything and call it trade off
Find some place in the shade and run away off
The track must've really wanted the train off

I'd come to you but you tend to need more
When did you erect all this protection anyway
It's okay to admit you never felt cared for
Until your mind got involved it was straight forward

The shade, not enough light, wanna see more
The shade, no light, distraction
How much shade would it take to make light and dark equal

Forever trying to accept more
Youthful idealism we need more
Never a plan just a feeling
Why don't you be the light we gravitate toward
Why don't you be the light we gravitate toward?

Composición de Josh Klinghoffer
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Douglas Reis

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