Tono: D
Dadd9 G6 E7 It's hard to believe, in much of any E13 thing these days Dadd9 G6 E7 when every thing falls, all around E13 you what can you say Dadd9 G6 E7 when all of the words, that E13 float so easily just won't come Dadd9 G6 E7 it's hard to believe, that my E13 whole body can feel this numb G6 E13 Just try to remember E7 D6/9 E13 G6 E13 been twirling my hair E7 D6/9 E13 that same habit you know that i have G6 E13 when i close my eyes E7 D6/9 this whole situation just seems so E13 bad G6 E13 but still got a memory E7 D6/9 and these pictures of you will E13 never leave my side
G6 E13 and lord knows i'm hurting E7 D6/9 but every one knows it hurts to E13 say goodbye (Refrão) It's just the one thing i've been having the most trouble with is when i try my best you know i do to just describe the way that when you looked at me it's like it's heaven sent and those most beautiful eyes... and i've been waking at night beside this nervous tick cause i just don't know if it's possible to get through this and it's just me and all of your best friends they're by my side they're trying oh so hard to wipe these tears of off my eyes G6 E13 E7 Just try to remember… D6/9 E13 Outro: E7 E13 G6 Just how it felt, just how it felt E7 I find it hard to believe, that E13 you were taken from me and all of your family, it doesn't make sense G6 how all these pictures and frames, makes it hard to explain the way that it rains it's you crying E7 so i'll hold on to beliefs that E13 one day well be at peace and when you look down on me, you know i'm trying G6 just to show the whole work how amazing you are and when i see all those stars i know your shining
Composición: Shane HendersonColaboración y revisión: luana oliveira

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