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Rival Sons

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
[Intro] D7+  Bm  G

D               Dm
Roll that stone up the hill each day
In the morning when I wake up
See what the hands have made
D                             Dm
Such a tiny universe, there's nowhere left to hide
      Bb                         Bm
And I worry, does the cosmos see what I hold inside?

Holding love in all direction
Constantly, I'm searching for the truth
And that's the part they pass me on to you
Wondering if you pull me through
                        Bb        D
Darling, if you pull me through
          D7+             G
There's a feeling when I see you
        D             G
That is magic and I believe it
      D7+               G
And I let go of what I cling to
         D                   G
Reaching out with both of my hands

Lead me to the water and
Teach me what I don't understand
                            Bb     D
Teach me what I don't understand

D             G
Uuuhh..uh uh..uhh.
D     A        Bm
Ahhh...ah ah.. ahh
F#m  Bm  F#m D G
Ahhh...ah ah.. ahh

[Final] Dm
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