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We Belong to Christ

Russ Lee

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Sometimes I feel like I'm on a wheel
And I'm spinning round,
Yeah I'm spinning round
I feel like I am on a mountain climb
And I'm falling down
Til I hit the ground
When I'm tumbling
I just can't stop the fall
I'm glad I know that somehow through it all

We Belong to Christ
He is right by my side
He's been there loving me
Before there was time
Nothing I can do
To change his mind
We belong to Christ
We belong to Christ

I find myself
At the wishing well
Throwing pennies in
Am I back again
Each time I pray I can hear him say
There's no need to doubt
He can work it out
Why do I worry
Try to understand
Like the children sing
The whole world is in his hands

Repeat Chorus

He told us nothing could separate
Us from his perfect love
So we've got nothing to fear at all-at all
So walk on Keep walking on

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