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Some Kind of Power

Russ Lee

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I love to tell the story
One peculiar night
When the Holy Rollers came to town
To help us see the light
They set it all up on a flatbed truck
It beat all I'd ever seen
The music played, the choir swayed
They shook the tambourines
The preacher talked about Jesus
And when I heard it all
I hit my knees, raised my hands
The fire started to fall

Some Kind of Power
I just can't explain
Shaking me down from the inside out
Making me want to change
Some Kind of Power
It's a supernatural Thing
If it happens once you'll never be the same
It's some Kind of Power

So I'm right here every Sunday
And I try to do my best
Then preacher tells that story
And it just won't let me rest
I want to wade out where it's deeper
Till I'm in way over my head
Till something shakes me up
And wakes my spirit from the dead
I've got peace and joy and love
And in my heart I know its real
But deep inside I long for something more
I just want to feel...


Elijah had his chariot, David had his stones
But just like Jeremiah I want fire in my bones

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