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Stop And Erase

Selena Gomez

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: A
(verse 1)
A                   A/C#
  You think you know me so well
      F#m          A/C#  D
You put me down to build you up
You're kicking me around
You just can't get enough
  And all your friends
surround you
 F#m           A/C# D
Without them by your side
You start to show your weakness
It's something you
can't hide yeah yeah!

D           A
  Well stop and erase
Cause I'm gonna wipe that smile
      F#m           A/C#
Off your know it all face
D           A
  Laugh while you can
Yeah live it up
And read my lips
     F#m         A/C#
The the joke is on you
D            A
  I figured it out
You're all about walking tall
    F#m         A/C#
On the people you knock down
D           A
  Well stop and erase
Cause I'm gonna wipe that smile
Off your know it all face

(verse 2)
A                  A/C#
  I'm waking up I'm feeling
       F#m         A/C#
What i was scared to feel before
  I got my eyes wide open
Won't take it anymore
A                   A/C#
  All the lies and teasing
        F#m        A/C#  D
Yes I could never be that cool
You had them all believing
  E       F#m
But now that's through

yeah yeah!

(repeat chorus)

  Count down
The tables have turned
Better wise up
You got a lot to learn
A         E      D
  Cause you're alone now

(repeat chorus twice)

(outro) A A/C# F#m A/C# D E
Composição de Gina Schock / Ted Bruner / Trey Vittetoe
Colaboración y revision:
  • Bianca Santana
  • Lizandra
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