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All About Tonight

Blake Shelton

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: C
G                                                C
Don't bother telling me what I got coming in the morning I already know
E                                                    G
I got some feel good pills and a red Gatorade by my bed ready to go
C                                                    G
I'm gonna do my best to dance with every girl in this bar before they shut it down
E                    G                                 C
Then I'll pay my tab climb in a cab. Heading to a spot downtown

G               C
 It's all about tonight
E                            G                            C
Good times and the music and laughing and grooving to the band
Everybody's getting right
                             E                           G
No worries we're rocking all kinds of concoctions in our hands
C                                                                       G
Yeah tomorrow can wait 'til tomorrow.   It's all about tonight

Hey pretty thing
          C                              G
I've been looking at you since the moment that you walked in
           C                      G
I got some wild asses buddies that love spending money
      E                           G
And I see you brought a couple of friends
Just tell me your name
  G                           C                 G
I don't need your number or a date next Saturday
           C              G
Baby let's act like fools break a few rules
Party the night away
Composición de Ben Hayslip / Dallas Davidson / Rhett Akins
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Eddie Pinto
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