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Love Is a Good Thing

Sheryl Crow

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: B
Intro:  F#  A  B

 F#                 A
Watch out sister, watch out brother,
Watch our children while they kill each other
        F#                 A              B
With a gun they bought at Walmart discount stores
F#              A                 B
Welcome to the hallway, metal detectors just been installed
           F#                A                B
Hey isn't cops and robbers gettin' to be a big bore
F#           A               B
Mary, Mary quite contrary, close the door now,
It's much too scary
     F#                          A               B
And you might see something you wish you hadn't seen
F#             A            B
Out of sight, out of time, out of patience,
And I'm out of my mind
           A                        B
Governor, tell me what does it mean
Dance children, dance to the beat
Wanna be a hippy cause life is so sweet
Good morning hate
Dance children, dance to the beat
Wanna rock and roll up and down the street,
          B        A
I've got a message

   A            B
Love is a good thing
F#                   A
Love is a good, love is a good,
Love is a good thing

Composición de Sheryl Crow / Tad Wadhams
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