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Tomorrow Never Dies

Sheryl Crow

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: Eb
             Gm    Gm7M
Darling I'm killed
          Gm7            Gm6
I'm in a puddle on the floor
Cm                    D4/A D/A
Waiting for you to return

Oh, what a thrill
Fascinations galore
How you tease, how you leave me to burn

Fm                Bb
  It's so deadly my dear
    Fm                  G7
The power of having you near

          Cm  Cm7M  Fm
Until the day...
G7        Cm            Cm7M  Fm                                 
Until the world falls away
G7        Fm           C#             G7
Until you say there'll be no more goodbyes
Fm     C#      G7
See it in your eyes, tomorrow never dies...

             Gm          Gm7M
Darling you won, it's no fun
   Gm7           Gm6
Martini's, girls and guns
     Cm                  D4/A D/A
It's murder on our love affair

It's you, that's your life
Every night as you chase the morning light
You're not the only spy out there

Fm                  Bb
  It's so deadly my dear
    Fm                   G7 
The power of wanting you near   (Refrão)
Composición de Mitchell Froom / Sheryl Crow
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