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Aht Uh Mi Hed

Shuggie Otis

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Aht uh mi head, it's growing.
Aht uh mi head, it's glowing.
Aht uh mi head 'cos I heard,
Something said in a word.
From your voice, did I hear,
Only choice...dear?

Aht uh mi head, j'taime,
From shots that shot above.
Aht uh mi head, things are different.

Aht uh mi head, all the time,
In the bed, for a rhyme.
Flashing back, to your air,
And the good...there.
There magic too,
When the spread, is on you.
Won't you read me a trip,
From your whip(?)

It's about time for something new,
You got to grow, (got to grow).
Said; head, out, head, growing,
Oh, I wanna tell you.
Head, aht uh mi head,
Aht uh mi head, aht uh mi head,
Aht uh mi head, aht uh mi head.

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