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New World

Soul Asylum

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: G
G = 320003
C = x32010
C/D = xx0010
Bm = x24432
D7+ = xx0312 or x10312
Am7 = x02010
D = xx0232
D/F# = 200232
G/B = x20003
A = x02220
D/E = 000232
C(9) = x32030

INTRO (and verse riff) in 5/4, like this: G G G C C/D  G G G C C/D

G                  C   C/D G
 Lives in a little lonely  town
C  C/D    G        C    C/D     G         C C/D
No one's around, except for the drinking
G            C    C/D G
 Nobody ever gets a - round
    C     C/D G         C   C/D  G        C (rhythm change)
But those who leave the township sinking

        (C)     Bm  D7+    Am7    D
BRIDGE: May you rot     in heaven
               Bm D7+     Am7   D
        Got to be home by seven

                G     D/F#   Em
CHORUS: And the field burns away
            C   G/B         Am
        The sky breathes it in
           D           G
        So why sit and wait
            C       G     D      G    C C/D (back to verse rhythm)
        For the new world   to begin?

I'm coming out across your borders
With new orders for you to take
I'd really like to take out your daughter
Down by the water, down by the lake

BRIDGE: When the cold water's on her skin
        I can feel how long it's been

CHORUS: And the neighbors will all be there
        And no one will know what to wear
        So why sit and wait
        For the new world to begin?

INSTRUMENTAL: follows chords of next verse

I got a lot I got to do
Just to get through the end of the day
A               D D/E A
 It hardly ever e-ven happens
    D D/E   D                 C(9)
But I go to sleep the same anyway


CHORUS: And you can't believe in yourself
        You can't believe in anyone else
        So why sit and wait
        For the new world to begin?

OUTRO: Verse chords, end on G
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