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Caveflora pt. 1

St. Paul & The Broken Bones

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I'm turning 83 here next month
My health is going bad
So I'm thinking about what am I

Who am I going to give what to?

I may not have a damn nickel left when I pass on
But that's, you know
Anyway, when I, you know what
That's just one of my moments

All I care about
And it's the same way with anybody
You know, mom or anybody really
And that stuff, you know are you happy?
You know if you happy
And that's what I told him
I said if he's happy then I'm happy

You know I don't care and that's that
That's my only concern, you
At this point we've been through enough shit
You know, it don't matter
You know seriously, I just want everybody to be happy
And there ain't no grand illusions of anything

You know, that's what I told him
I'm gonna love you
No matter what, no matter what

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