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tono: A
[Primeira Parte]

A             E                 F#m
This one goes out to my girl tonight
A                     E                      F#m
I'll sing a song for you because the mood is right
A       E                 F#m
It's 2:16 on a Saturday night
A                       E                       F#m
My girl she is passed out, she's not feeling alright

A             E                 F#m
Twenty four hours can be a long time
A               E                      F#m
To be lying in bed from the previous night
A           E              F#m
I'll sit here and drink myself a beer
A                     E                       F#m
All night long, I'll sing this song till you call on me, yeah


A               E                    F#m
Tomorrow will come and the sun will shine
A                      E                 F#m
Well I'll be sitting here right by your side
A             E                 F#m
So let the music soothe your soul
A           E           F#m
Let the music take control
A                     E                 F#m
Everything you do or say comes back to you
A                            E                         F#m
When things don't work out right, you got to push on through


A             E                 F#m
So keep on running, keep on moving
A          E              F#m
Everything is gonna be alright
A           E                 F#m
Keep on smiling, keep on laughing
A             E                 F#m
Every little thing is gonna be alright

[Segunda Parte]

A             E               F#m
If you left this choice up to me
Don't tell me what you got girl
E                              F#m
Baby please tell me what you need
A                            E                        F#m
I must confess, I've been blessed but I'll never say never
A                     E                         F#m
'Cause I could die today but this music lives forever
A                              E                   F#m
And nothing is impossible, nothing is out of your reach
A                             E             F#m
It's just another love song, just another melody
A                                  E                           F#m
So keep believing in your dreams, life's not what it seems sometimes
A                              E                                F#m
And love the air you breathe, you got everything you need for tonight


A   E     F#m  A   E    F#m
Running away, running away
A       E          F#m   A    E   F#m
So far from this place, running away


A             E                 F#m
So keep on running, no... keep on moving, yeah...
A          E              F#m
Everything is gonna be alright
A           E                 F#m
Keep on smiling, no... keep on laughing, yeah...
A             E                 F#m
Every little thing is gonna be alright

A                        E                        
Playing on your radio, coming through your stereo
And everybody's getting down
A                               E
You can't seem to let it go, running like a video
You're haunted by the weight of sound

A                   E           F#m
In your eyes, you focus on the light
A                       E                 F#m
And for tonight, just relax and let's get high

A                                    E          
The sun it is a sinking low, I'm thinking that it's time to go
And everybody's headed home
A                                 E           
Watch them as they come and go, listen to your soul it knows
Can you feel the weight of sound?

A                         E                 F#m
It's just love there's nothing that's more real
A                   E                F#m
This love, and the way it makes you feel
Composición de Scott Woodruff / TJ O\'Neill
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Gabriel Borges
  • Felipe KJ
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