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Strengthened In Faith


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men prepared for battle brought on by greed
obeying their their leaders not questioning
their authority stories of honor glory untold
wars we've waged what does man learn the
things we've faced in the past are to better
our future we must gain from their loss even
daily soul upon soul prepares for battle

every day brings conflict to refine us what
does it mean to better ourselves we must
stand the tests of time accomplishing the
perfecting of our lives an understanding of
what is right accepting our allotment in this
life these days are numbered rooted in
turmoil we must fight the good fight man
against man is only a symptom man's violent
nature hand in hand with hatred we must rise

up realize the true problem aware of attack
the trying of our hearts every day brings a
spiritual battle not exceeding anyone's
limitations to purify us so that we may be
prepared for the next though we become weary
it has been granted unto us the ability to
remain loyal unshaken in spirit for those
strengthened in faith all things
work for good hope for tomorrow
the perfecting of the saints

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  • Paula Flavia

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