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Gates Of Atonement


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a time to mourn this world cries out in
despair to overrun by adversity decision
is given to it and although seeing does
not see the evils that consume its desire(s)
these crimes cry for a redeemer left to
grieve it suffers in sorrow for even
though hearing it does not hear every
time i die is it in vain hands held out
in misery grasping for a breath of hope
but none can be ushered in as it crucifies
itself hidden amongst the anguish is the key

to comfort a release in an hour of need help
in a time of tribulation dying to its own
reaping what it's sown these tears to teach
the tears i weep fall to the sufferings for
souls thereof i've cried till blood to offer
as a covering a time to heal all is not lost
in this endless hour as there is time for
everything this too shall pass away this
that this world faces is merely momentary
this affliction works patience into experience
we wait to be saved by a hope

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Otros videos de esta canción
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