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Sittin' On The Job


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Sittin' here on the job
And hoping
That you will call me
My eyes
My eyes are tired from
Sitting up and just talking
All night
My supervisor noticed
I'm kinda slow for the day
My girlfriends also noticed
I'm joyful what can I say

It's only been two months but
I'm praying that you're the one
Please baby be the one
Please baby be

Keep replaying your kisses
Cant get them out of my mind
I try
My work is piling up and
Who guessed that I'd get behind
But that's fine
It's only twelve o seven
I take my first break at two
It seems I have a message
I hope to god that it's you


Na, na, na, na (4x)

It's two thirteen
I'm smiling
I hear your voice on the phone
Oh my
Tell me you wanna see me
Cant wait till I get home tonight
My minds so slow and down girl
This thing right here is so new
But my heart says keep it moving
Two thoughts but I'm not confused


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Composed by Shep Crawford
Collaboration and Review:
  • Rafael Moreira
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