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Oceans Way

The Fray

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: G
Intro: G C Em G C Em G

  Em             G/F#     G    C      G
Figure since I'm so far gone, oceans away,
Em          G/F# G   C
I can lay my sa-bre down today.
Em          G/F#   G         C                 G
I miss the words I love the words, you did not say.
Em          G/F#     G     C          Cadd9
I miss the kiss you never-never gave away.

C               Em       G   C
There goes the sun, oceans away
C              Em               G               C
And days die young when you're gone and you're gone
C               Em    G      C
There goes the sun, oceans away
C               Em      G       C
And leaves the day for someone else

Honestly I thought that we could make it all the way,
Barefoot on beaches dancing against the gray.
But stone by stone the castle crumbled to the ground,
I stood and stared as you started to fall into the waves.

Here's to the man of your dreams.
I take it all in a box and make my way down to the 
Throw it in and begin to leave it to the waves...
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